Jº§HÜå (squash) wrote,


I did it to Jen, so fair is fair.

Go back to your very first post of each month during 2005...copy the first sentence of each post you made and post that in a new thread in your LJ.

January: This thing routinely happens to me every day.

February: Haven't gone to bed yet.

March: Bwahaha.

April: Ever just have random memories?

May: I've given it some thought.

June: I know I said I quit, but I figure if I ever needed a journal, it's now.

July: no entries

August: no entries

September: no entries

October: So here's the plan.

November: A couple people on my list have actually done this...

December: I've had what I would consider to be a severe anger problem for some time now.

Technically, the first thing in march was a picture though :) Break-time over, back to work.
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