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I'm finding that as Christmas approaches, my attitude about it, and everything in general, is becoming increasingly negative. Amazingly, I'm not working on Christmas, but I'm not going to be doing anything anyway. I was considering visiting Mom or Dad, but it just wouldn't work out. Don't have enough time off, and can't afford the trip anyway. Part of me thinks that I should offer to work for someone who has family or other loved ones to spend the day with, but people aren't exactly bending over backwards to do me favors either. Maybe next year. I've worked every holiday since I started working there, and it's someone else's turn. You're a mean one, Mr. Josh.

Um. Normally I wait until I have a lot to say before I write these things. I'm kind of out. Oh, yay. The god damned roommates are home. I can't put my feelings into words. I want to break a lot of things. Like other people's bones. Those are things.

The anger issue is much better.
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