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Huzzah, I'm 24 today. I can... eagerly anticipate the insurance break next year. Got Christmas in the mail from Dad today. Got some gloves, a cool flashlight that runs on magic, a nice pen, and a huge coat I can live in. Also, money. Oh, and the traditional Far Side calendar. Mom sent me five bags of Snyder's BBQ chips (she must have picked them up last time she was in WV), which are actually probably of greater value to me than all that stuff Dad sent. You can't imagine how good they are.

Anyway, time for me to make a sandwich, have some of the afforementioned chips, and get back to work. After that, I find out what my SEKRIT BIRTHDAY PLANS are. Ooooh.

I'll leave you with the message I left Dan on our whiteboard this morning.

Happy Birthday, everyone.
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