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I've pretty much had this post in my head for a few weeks now, at least. (Longer than that actually. I found this draft, dug it up, did some editing, and completed it. I'm such a cheater) I've gone through a lot of changes lately. Some have been forced on me, some have been a long time coming. But really, it all centers on the fact that I am finally happy being alone. It's just unfortunate what all had to happen to get to this point.

I don't really have a story to tell or anything. I guess some crazy things have happened, but it's nothing I'd really like to go into detail about. Basically, my usual stubbornness lead to some hurt feelings and an awkward ending with the whole Micaela situation. At least I hope it's over. Eh, what am I saying. It's over. I've got to remember I have a say in these things. I'm really enjoying having a few casual friends, and no serious relationship to worry about. Kind of odd hearing myself say that, since it's the exact opposite of what I would have wanted not too long ago. I was just so hung up on this idea that I had to be with someone to be happy. Yeah, I've got great memories of when I actually had that, and I look back on them fondly. But for what I honestly think is the first time in my life, I'm fine without it.

I've made some progress on the anger front. At least I think I have. I don't yell often, and when I do, I actually watch what I say for the most part. Really, I'm just talking about work here. I should backtrack a bit. Brad and Rob quit, so I've been promoted to Lead Cook. This was a couple months ago or something. As a side note, to give you an idea of the turnover at this place, I've been there a little over two years, and I'm the only employee in my department who was there when I started. I've made a lot of progress with my cooking. I certainly don't take credit for that myself. Brad taught me more things than anyone, and since learning more, I've been able to look back on things other good cooks I've worked with in the past have done, and incorporate them into my work. I really enjoy my work now. Which, back to my original point, helps with the anger thing. Don't get me wrong, my job is far from easy. Summer sucks for me... I'm almost always cooking two seperate meals at once, in addition to doing at least half of the prep work. Had a minor dispute with the new cook a while back... she came into the place knowing I had significantly less experience than her, and kind of thought that automatically made her my superior. There were a couple incidents where she tried to make me look bad, and it backfired on her. Since then, Sherry (my supervisor) and I made some schedule adjustments so she could see my work, how much more I can accomplish in a shift than she can, and how much smoother things run in general when I'm there. We had a couple discussions, and I think she's got the idea now. I have no desire to tell her how to make her food... she's a good cook. But I'll be damned if someone's gonna come into what is essentially my kitchen and tell me how to run it. Not that I'm still worked up about it, it was just frustrating at the time.

Aside from work, my personal life has been wonderfully calm lately. Maybe a little boring, but that's okay too. That is why Al Gore invented beer. I'm still trying to fix my damn car. I'd tell you what's wrong with it, but it'd be faster to say "The radio works fine." Dan's been great about letting me drive his car til I get it fixed, which can't come soon enough. Though I'm still debating having the thing towed to one of those "push, pull, or drag" sales at a dealership and just eating the rest of what I owe on it. Or having it shot into the sun. The really annoying part is that I've fixed three other cars for other people since mine has broken down. Two of them twice. Who's gonna fix mine!? I suppose it would take a team of people, working in shifts. With monks chanting in a circle around the car. And maybe the skull of Henry Ford or something. Insert other clever line about the car being evil here.

My cousin broke his neck the other day. He was diving for shells at the beach and hit the bottom. Pretty scary how easy it is, huh? After nine hours of surgery, they say he's not gonna be paralyzed at all. Pretty damn lucky.

Now I'm gonna clean or something. I really wish I hadn't slept for six hours this evening.
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