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'Sup, I live.

So I'm pretty much just writing this so I can look back on it anytime I get a stupid idea like trusting another human being with any information about my personal life. Well, except you guys. You're awesome or something. Anyhoo, the point.

I've been a very busy boy. Working full-time at Ingham still, doing furnace installations for great money on a per-contract basis, and I'm starting another part time job cooking somewhere else. So yeah, no free time, but money. Not that I don't have my hands full at Ingham. It seems like I'm given more responsibilities with every passing day. Two years ago I was a dishwasher... now, I'm lead cook who also does ordering, all the prep work, menu and special event planning, loads of managerial decisions, representing us at conferences, etc, etc. You get the point. Busy.

Anyone remember the other cook I bitched about in... my last entry? A few months ago? Something like that. Anyway, she started her stuff up again a while back, and I got so pissed off about it, I went to the head cheese lady and complained. She ended up getting "talked to" and was much better for a while. I thought we were good now. So anyway, Friday I tell Sherry (dietary manager) about the other cooking job I'm picking up. I make a point to tell her and only her, and to reassure her that it won't affect my schedule at Ingham in any way. I also mention that I'll be working for my old boss, Brian. Go ahead Mya, you can say it. By the way, he says hi.

She's totally understanding and tells me if there's anything she needs to do with my schedule to help out, just to ask. She's a great boss. Saturday, I'm working with Laura (other cook, she-devil), and figure I should let her know as well. No reason not to, right? Everything's all clear with Sherry, after all. Then I go home and enjoy a tiny bit of rest before going to meet upi with Brian to talk about the new job (which ends up being less of a meeting and more of a case of severe alcohol poisoning. good times), and all seems to be good with the world.

Then I go to work this morning. Sherry and I have this little ritual. She shows up a couple hours before I do, hides in the office for as long as possible, then I come in and we have a little meeting between ourselves where we talk about who fucked up what while we were gone, and how to fix it. Every day. This morning, she's going over some semi-usual, semi-batshit crazy stuff, and I keep getting the feeling that there's something else. Like there's something she wants to tell me, but doesn't want to tell me. Finally, I say "Come on, spill it. What's the big bad news?" She kinda chuckles, and then tells me about how Laurie (head cheese lady) came barging in the office yesterday in a blind panic because "somebody" told her that I'm leaving Ingham, or at least cutting back my hours to go back to work for Brian. She proceeds to go on a rant to Sherry about how there's no room in this organization for someone in my position to work part time, and how Brian is evil incarnate and doing all this to hurt her, blah blah blah.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Of course this left Sherry confused, because she was expecting one of my patented "stomping around and throwing stuff" tirades. I explain to her that I had only told two people, and the identity of "someone" wasn't nearly as secret as Laurie might have thought. Sadly, neither Laurie nor Laura were there today, but boy is tomorrow gonna be fun. Not only that, but our dietary consultant is going to be there doing an inspection tomorrow! Boy, it'd be a shame if some steam tables got turned off, or some scoops got switched to the wrong portion sizes, or an angry bald cook went into Laurie's office and put the whole truth out in front of her (while making the point that he has no intention of leaving, and thus leaving her fucked, if something is done about a few select issues). Or all of those things. I'm so tired of playing nice. And hey, if it gets ugly, I lose my temper and along with it, my job... who cares? I've got more than enough jobs to go around.

It just really pisses me off that Laurie keeps freaking out every time she hears a rumor that I might be getting another job. You would think that a rational person would look at all the shit that I've stuck through there in the past two and a half years (may not sound long, but I'm the most senior person in my entire department... by a lot), and realize that I just might be a bit more dependable than that. I mean yeah, I know the woman, so I do sort of expect it. But expecting something to hurt doesn't really make it hurt less.

Anyway, beer.
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