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same as it ever was

Quick little update for tonight. Spent most of the weekend in a state of delirium, working on webpage layouts purely in a half-conscious, reactionary way. Like some kind of weird instinct. And I wonder why these things never work out. Anyway, just figured I should document what progress I was able to make while it's fresh in my mind.

Started working on an alternate layout, since I'm not at all satisfied with the one I threw together to get started. Said layout can currently be seen here for the curious. Opinions welcome. The main advantage of it (other than having a color scheme that isn't composed black, black, and very dark grey) is that it's just much cleaner, and extremely easy to update. Not to mention actually fitting in with the theme and everything. The problem is that at some point during its creation, I somehow completely borked the line spacing, actually making line breaks to seperate paragraphs impossible. I spent like two hours last night trying to fix it. Thought I had it at one point, but no. I have a solution in my head now that I'm almost sure will work, just don't have the gumption right now to actually do it.

Article posting and archiving system is setup and works great. That is, if I can fix the line spacing. Otherwise, it will make me insane. Integrated RSS feed with articles and comments is working.

Forums are up, and looking moderately like the rest of the page. Just require some more tweaking and personalization.

Anyway, enough of this. My car got into a fight with an armadillo on the way home tonight and it's still not clear who won. It was a big armadillo. Time to relax, eat, sleep, and do it all over again. The cat says hi like a thousand times. Adorable pictures soon.
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